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Music Paradise Radio Plus

Developer: Music Paradise, LLC
19.99 USD

Perfect FM radio station - Music Paradise Radio Plus. Lets get drown into this unbelievable paradise! Best popular music genres, fantastic music tracks, volume settings - and thats it. Ultimate radio application is really what you need! Enjoy music everywhere you go.

HOW TO USE: First, you need to connect your device to the internet. Itll allow you to enjoy high-quality music tracks without long downloading. Then set necessary volume level. Choose your beloved music genre using arrow keys to switch them. Turn on play button and itll start playing automatically in a random order.

Music Paradise Radio Plus features:
- Well done music radio for all music lovers
- High-quality sounding station
- Division by genres: from rock music to soundtracks
- Easy volumes set up

Listen and discover new horizons in the world of music! Nobody can stand between you and your favorite music. If you cant leave even a minute without it, that application was made for you - Music Paradise Radio Plus.